Sara Jeffs receives an apology from The Times

Mrs Sara Jeffs received an apology from Times Newspapers Limited publisher of The Times after the newspaper published an article both in the newspaper and online on 19th January 2019.
The apology reads as follows;

“Reporting an investigation into the International Church and its leaders, following the collapse of a musical production funded by members, we said that relatives of one of the church’s leaders, Mrs Christine Jeffs, had been described as “chosen ones” who had holidays and other items paid for by the church. We also said that the musical had come in a vision to its author, Mrs Sara Jeffs, who was pictured in the article (“Cult-like church controlled our lives”, Jan 19). We accept that Mrs Sara Jeffs has never stated that the musical came to her in a vision; nor has she ever willingly or otherwise accepted payment for holidays or bills in the knowledge that the monies had been raised through a levy imposed on church members. We apologise for any distress caused to Mrs Sara Jeffs.”

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