University Tutor Wins £60,000 Libel Damages.

University Tutor Wins £60,000 Libel Damages from “The Daily Mail” and the “London Evening Standard” 

In one of the few jury trials in recent years a University tutor won libel damages of £60,000 from the Daily Mail and the London Evening Standard. The story in the papers alleged that Mr Cooper had been linked to violence which had flared during an anti-education cuts demonstration through London.

Mr Cooper had complained that the first story in the “Evening Standard”, had meant he was a ringleader who had planned with others to hijack a peaceful march.

In the second story in The Daily Mail, it portrayed as one of a “hardcore”, who organised the riot at the Conservative Party Association Headquarters.

Further, he complained that a photo was used of him which had been taken a couple of years earlier in a pub, and was used out of context.  The impression given by the photo was that he was grinning at the havoc wreaked.

The papers had claimed that the stories were substantially true.  The newspapers were ordered to pay damages within 14 days, plus £450,000 towards costs within 28 days.

Mr Cooper gave a statement outside court:

“My only wish throughout these proceedings was the repudiation of the allegations made against me after the Millbank occupation.  Today’s verdict is an important vindication for me personally, and it means I can draw a line under the affair.”

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