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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Liverpool Solicitors Carruthers Law have experience in all aspects of commercial debt recovery. We are able to advise you on credit control, obtaining details as to the debtor, their location and financial status.

We will find the quickest way of recovering your debt.

We use our experience of over 20 years of debt recovery and commercial litigation, taking a firm but fair approach in the recovery of debts, in the quickest possible time and at the least expensive option for you.

We will assure you that if you call us before 12 noon and provide us with the relevant documentation; a letter of claim will be sent out that same day.

If your debt is undisputed and based on an invoice then we are able on receipt of the instruction and invoice send a Letter of Claim to the debtor. If the debtor fails to make payment of the full amount within 14 days of the date of the letter then we are able to proceed and issue proceedings in the County Court.

The Claim Form will detail the amount of the claim, the amount of the debt plus interest plus fixed costs. Proceedings are issued in the Northampton County Court online. The Defendant has 14 days to acknowledge the proceedings if the Defendant acknowledges those proceedings then they have a further 14 days to either admit that is owing, or defend the debt or offer a rate of repayment.

If we do not receive a response then we will request judgment.

The judgment is entered for the amount of the debt, plus interest and fixed costs.

The judgment will allow the Defendant 1 month to pay the debt in full otherwise the judgment will appear on his or her credit rating record.

This method of debt recovery is only appropriate for those debts which are undisputed. If the debt is disputed and the Defence is filed we will consider with you how to proceed further and deal with the Defence.

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